The Begining

So I’ve decided to start a blog…

The network is full of various types of guides and examples of practices and rituals. However, there seems to be a lack of descriptions of the practices themselves. So I decided to create a kind of magical journal. The “Book of shadows” some might call it, although it must be mentioned, that what will appear here It is rather “Chaos Magic”, not Wicca, neither Thelema, nor any kind of left hand paths… I also do not work with kabbalah. Spirits mentioned here will have no, known to me, connection to any specific mythology, although I might be using allegories to existing ones for text to be more transparent. Treat it as an artistic journal into realm of dreams, my dreams.
Act with caution, I do not take any responsibility for taking my example in mystical practices. This is my path, and no one but myself is safe there. For I’m not a guide. Merely an adept, not master of art.

Whatsoever, what better way to start this journey would be, than to start it with picture of a tarot Priest?

Here we go…

The Priest

Once we have learned how to deal with aspects of the mundane world, and we are ready to proceed, there usually appears a messenger of the spirit world, eager to sabotage our worldview.
This is a prophet, priest, messenger of spiritual knowledge. His wisdom is tot not by the book, but by the speech and initiation in the spiritual line.
He is the one, that is able to transmite alien revelations, and those can bring revolution, or even disaster to unpreperd mind.
He is the first spiritual teacher on the path of the adept.
So, forget what you have ben tot solong, let go all the entangeld projections of your mind, that create your world, for they will bring you only pain.

Althow we might see piriests as fanciful people, this is not how it should be.
This hollyman knows the life, it is necessary to do so if one ot to teach others. Yet it must be rememberd, that there is no use of sign that leads the way, at the end of road. Whatever he speaks, he should be treated as a mask, not the man himself. Consider the fact, that, he does not appear in one life until we have mastered all that is mundane. This includes psychology, it has no use at this point.

Here we have, a man in a mask, sitting on a throne between two columns, as in a temple. In his left hand he holds a chalice of wisdom, to which a venom of oroburus fangs drips. This is a dangerous knowledge. Without his guidance and translation, one should not approach. In a way, his wisdom brings us to the bottom of our origin, there we can confront an alien to our specie neanderthal. We do have common ancestors, yet, they where alien. Anvil and the hammer symbolize a primordial transmutation. Hard work that will summon many dangerous spirits that will crush us. But from that struggle, eventually we might emerge as hard as steel.